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True to form, Lustau prove once again that they are the leading and most innovative Sherry producer with the launch of their sensational red and white Vermouths. Inspired by a recipe found in the family archives, the clever winemakers at Lustau macerate a unique combination of natural botanicals with a base of high quality Sherry wines to produce an exceptional Vermouth where each element works in perfect harmony with the unique character of the Sherry.

Vermouth is definitely back in style with these two beauties.

Only available in carton of 12 btles for US markets.
Prices ex our Bordeaux warehouse.
Not Valid for Europe except for Italy, Sweden & Finland.

Wines produced

  • EMILIO LUSTAU S.A. (Vermut) Photo 0
  • EMILIO LUSTAU S.A. (Vermut) Photo 1