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Château Tour Castillon is a 20 hectare estate in St Cristoly, 10 miles north of St Estephe. In common with the most famous of Medoc Chateaux (Latour, Leoville Las Cases…), the vineyards are immediately adjacent to, and overlook, the Gironde estuary. Underneath the classic Medoc gravel soils, one finds a continuation of the same geological substratum as at Cos d’Estournel. No millionaires or multinationals in the ownership here, the estate belongs to a family of down-to-earth farmers, with sister Laure Peyruse running the office and brother Sebastien making the wine.
Sebastien is not your typical Bordeaux vigneron…he is a real winemaker who gets his hands dirty, has a rebellious streak, and is more inspired by what is happening in Burgundy and the Rhone than by the traditional dogma of Bordeaux. His wines are pure and intense, with ripe fruit, classy tannins and no green edges.
As well as the outstanding Château Tour Castillon, he also makes an unusual and fascinating second wine, Moulin de Taffard. Both cuvées offer real quality at remarkably modest prices.

Wines produced