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An unusual but welcome story, young Gonzague Maurice arrived in Bordeaux without fortune or family connections, but with a passion for wine. Working as a sales manager for a small 'negoce', he learnt to see Bordeaux from the perspective of the customer, judging what is really in the bottle : inherent quality, character, drinkability and pleasure factor, and of course value. From 2006 onwards, he began purchasing vineyard parcels and making wines out of a small chai in Parsac, 4km northeast of St Emilion. He now has 8.5 hectares in Montagne-St-Emilion and Puisseguin-St-Emilion, plus vineyard rental contracts in St Emilion and Lalande-de-Pomerol. Since 2010, he farms organically, but does not seek certification because of the constraints this imposes.
In keeping with his commercial experience, these are wines tailor-made to win back customers to Bordeaux : clean, comprehensible labels; bright, appealing aromatics; ripe but balanced fruit, neither overripe nor underripe; genuine right-bank terroir complexity, and all at very friendly prices. Quantities are limited, so this estate remains "under the radar", a real insider's selection !

USA not valid for New York.

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