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EMILIO LUSTAU S.A. (Sherry Vinegar) - Fact sheet

Luis Caballero S.A., a family-owned company based in El Puerto de Santa Maria
Vinagre de Jerez, Emilio Lustau
Vinagre de Jerez, al Pedro Ximinez, Solera 1/5, Emilio Lustau
Size of the Vineyards
The Lustau vineyards cover a total of 220 hectares.
Location of the Vineyards
These vinegars are made by the famous sherry house of Emilio Lustau in Jerez de la Frontera. The grapes for the base wine come from the Lustau vineyards 15 km north of Jerez, and they are aged in Jerez itself.
The classic 'albariza' of Jerez - a brilliant white chalky soil.
Grape Varieties
The base wine is 100% Palomino Fino.
Vinification and ageing
The vinegars are made from oloroso sherry. Traditionally accidental, the process is now controlled. A 'mother' culture in the form of old vinegar is introduced, which 'seeds' the sherry and ensures full acetic conversion. It then receives further ageing in sherry butts, oxidising and taking on a rich, pungent character. The solera 1/5 "al Pedro Ximinez" is a solera of just 5 butts, fractionally blended to marry the maturity of very old vinegar with the freshness of younger stock and the sweet richness of PX. The average age at bottling is over 25 years old.
Tasting notes
Solera 1/5 al Pedro Ximinez is a rich tawny gold in colour, with an intense, pungent nose of sweet fruit and classy wood. The flavour is very concentrated and long, and offers a sweet fruitiness that will compliment bitter salad leaves such as rocket, and add richness to all manner of sauces.

The regular Vinagre de Jerez is slightly lighter and fresher, with lots of fruit, but less woody complexity. It is, nevertheless, a great vinegar, and offers the same versatility as the Solera 1/5.
These high quality vinegars are marketed alongside Lustau's fine range of premium sherries. Quantity is limited, but stocks are reserved for all the major export markets.
Notes on the property
These extraordinary vinegars come from top sherry producers Emilio Lustau. Made from high quality oloroso sherry, they are further concentrated by long oxidative ageing. Over time, they develop complex flavours and an intense, pungent nose. The Solera 1/5 is particularly fine, combining maturity and a fresh, youthful feel.

The vinegars of Jerez are aged with great pride by the shippers and almacenistas; it is not uncommon to find butts of well over 100 years age. These have to be some of the greatest gastronomic treasures of the world. Because of the powerful concentration of flavour and aroma, they should be used sparingly - a couple of drops is enough to bring any salad or sauce to life. For more details on Emilio Lustau, see the separate factsheet about their fine sherries.