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EMILIO LUSTAU S.A. (Almacenistas and VORS)

The word "Almacenista" in Spanish means storekeeper or stockholder. In the specific Jerez context, the expression has been officially defined and protected within the Regulations of the Sherry Council or Governing Body.
Traditionally, the Almacenistas of Jerez have always stored and matured the finest Sherries on behalf of shippers and exporters. Lustau were the first to offer these to the outside world, bottled unblended to preserve their true glory. Lustau invented, and remains the undisputed leader in this category.
Quantities are understandably very limited as the Almacenistas themselves are often reluctant to part with their "collectors' items".

In 2000, for the first time, the Consejo Regulador of Jerez agreed to approve and certify the minimum age of exceptional, long-aged sherries. The certification process is strictly controlled, with the butts tasted, sealed and then retasted before bottling to guarantee quality and authenticity.
'VOS' is the classification for sherries certified over 20 years in age. 'VORS' is the classification for sherries certified over 30 years in age. These are rare sherries that are sure to generate great interest.

USA : we deliver cartons of 12x500ml
Prices Ex Bordeaux Warehouse
Not Valid for Europe except for Italy, Sweden & Finland

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