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We are very excited to offer the all-new range of fine Brandy de Jerez from top boutique Sherry house EMILIO LUSTAU.
LUSTAU made the strategic decision a number of years ago to focus only on the highest quality Brandies, long-aged in fine old casks that previously held Lustau’s famous Amontillados, Olorosos and Pedro Ximenez sherries. Each cask impregnates its Brandy with unique aromas and flavors, plus varying hues of color, before blending for complexity and consistency according to the time-honored traditions of the "Solera System" that Lustau master better than anyone.
The new range comprises 3 quality levels :
SOLERA RESERVA : aged for an average of 3 years in old Amontillado casks.
SOLERA GRAN RESERVA : aged for an average of 10 years (equivalent of XO grade in Cognac) in old Amontillado and Oloroso casks.
SOLERA GRAN RESERVA FINEST RESERVE : aged for an average of over 15 years in very old, very rare Amontillado, Oloroso and PX casks.
These are outstanding artisanal spirits packed with distinctive flavors, and finished with Lustau’s customary polish. And as is also customary for Lustau, pricing is a real steal given the age, complexity and intensity of the product

Ex Bordeaux warehouse prices.
Not Valid for Europe except for Italy, Sweden & Finland

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