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EMILIO LUSTAU S.A. (Lustau Solera Familiar) - Fact sheet

Luis Caballero S.A., a family-owned company based in El Puerto de Santa Maria
Jerez Sherry, Light Fino 'Jarana', Solera Reserva
Jerez Sherry, Fino 'Puerto Fino', Solera Reserva
Jerez Sherry, Light Manzanilla 'Papirusa', Solera Reserva
Jerez Sherry, Dry Amontillado 'Los Arcos', Solera Reserva
Jerez Sherry, Rare Amontillado 'Escuadrilla', Solera Reserva
Jerez Sherry, Palo Cortado 'Peninsula', Solera Reserva
Jerez Sherry, Dry Oloroso 'Don Nuño', Solera Reserva
Jerez Sherry, Very Rare Oloroso de Jerez 'Emperatriz Eugenia'Jerez Sherry, Deluxe Cream 'Capataz Andres', Solera Reserva
Jerez Sherry, Rare Cream, Solera Reserva
Jerez Sherry, Pedro Ximinez 'San Emilio', Solera Reserva
Jerez Sherry, Moscatel Superior 'Emilin', Solera Reserva

Jerez Sherry, Oloroso Añada
Jerez Sherry, Tintilla de Rota
Jerez Sherry, East India Solera

In addition, Lustau offer various limited bottlings, under the following ranges:
Lustau Almacenista Sherries
Lustau Single Cask Sherries
Lustau Centenary Range
Lustau Certtified Age Sherries
Size of the Vineyards
Lustau own 220 hectares, composed of the two vineyards of Montegilillo and Benito. They also have longstanding contracts with the most quality-conscious independent grapegrowers.
Location of the Vineyards
The offices and principal soleras are located in Jerez de la Frontera, in beautiful and historic bodegas entirely refurbished after their purchase from Harveys. There are further bodegas in Sanlucar de Barrameda (for the Manzanillas), and in El Puerto de Santa Maria, home of the renowned Puerto Fino solera. In addition, Lustau have contracts with the best Almacenistas, the traditional stockholders whose small cellars are hidden in the backstreets of Jerez, Sanlucar and El Puerto.
The main estate vineyard is Montegilillo, 15 kms to the north, but quality grapes are purchased from growers throughout the Jerez DO.
The classic 'albariza' of Jerez - a brilliant white chalky soil.
Grape Varieties
The grapes grown are Palomino Fino, Pedro Ximinez and Moscatel, plus a tiny quantity of the rare Tintilla de Rota.

All sherries are 100% Palomino Fino, except:
Deluxe Cream 'Capataz Andres'; Rare Cream; East India: Palomino & Pedro Ximinez

Sherries labelled Pedro Ximinez, Moscatel, and Tintilla de Rota are 100% varietals.
Average production
Lustau and the Lustau Almacenistas between them hold stocks of 40 000 butts (each containing 500 litres). Sherry regulations dictate that up to one third of the total stockholding can be bottled and shipped per year, but Lustau age their sherries much longer, and consequently ship less.
Vinification and ageing
Vinification is in a modern, state-of-the-art winery. The grapes are quickly pressed, using sophisticated pneumatic presses. Fermentation is in stainless steel, with temperatures controlled to produce fresh, clean aromatic wines. The musts are fermented to dryness before fortification with grape spirit. Unlike most Sherry producers, Lustau ensure that all their wines spend at least some time under 'flor' (a naturally-occuring film of yeast which protects the sherry from oxygen) - this gives added complexity, while maintaining a youthful delicacy. Those sherries aged at El Puerto and particularly Sanlucar are protected by a thick covering of flor all year round, a natural result of the cooler temperatures and higher humidity down by the coast. These wines go into the excellent Manzanilla and Puerto Fino soleras, and are also responsible for such fine rarities as Manzanilla Amontillada and Amontillado del Puerto.

In Jerez, the most delicate soleras that remain under flor are bottled as Fino, or aged until the flor dies and the wine becomes Amontillado. The Olorosos lose their flor quickly, and undergo lengthy oxidative aging, giving them richness in colour and flavour, with complex nutty aromas. Palo Cortado is a rare style, between an Amontillado and an Oloroso. The Lustau examples are special because the soleras were established so long ago, and contain a high proportion of old wine. Lustau also have access to the cream of the very old and very fine stocks held by the Almacenistas, with whom Lustau (originally Almacenistas themselves) maintain excellent relations. No other Sherry house can draw upon such fine, mature stocks. In recognition of this, Lustau now bottle some of the Almacenista soleras individually, offering a constantly-changing portfolio of fine and unique sherries.

Recently, Lustau have revived some of the traditional, sweeter styles of Sherry. East India is an oloroso naturally sweetened with superripe Pedro Ximinez grapes, and then aged in hot conditions similar to those used for Madeira production. This recreates the taste that sherries used to take on after a long voyage across the tropics. Oloroso Añada is made solely from Palomino grapes, fortified before fermentation has finished to preserve natural sugars, and then aged many years in cask as a single-vintage sherry, with no solera-blending.
Tasting notes
The Solera Reserva range offers benchmark examples of each classic Sherry style. Across the range they combine the complexity of maturity with a wonderful, almost youthful freshness. The Puerto Fino is particularly noteworthy: surely the best Fino Solera on the market, a wine that combines depth and concentration with sublime delicacy. The Gran Reservas are more intense - rich, nutty wines of great maturity.

East India is an appealing deep tawny brown, and offers a complex, mature nose of burnt sugar, spices, raisins, chocolate, walnuts and orange peel. It is sweet and full-bodied, with a smooth, almost treacle-like consistency, but good balancing acidity. There is a faint 'rancio' character that adds complexity, and a fresh, everlasting finish.

The Almacenista soleras, single-cask and other limited bottling each have unique, individual personalites. Please ask for individual tasting notes for any of the sherries currently available.
Lustau sherries are found on the finest restaurant lists, and in the best wine shops all over the world. They are regarded, both in Spain and abroad, as the ultimate in quality Sherry.
Notes on the property
What is now Emilio Lustau SA was founded in 1896 by Don José Ruiz-Berdejo. It was a modest beginning: Don José cultivated the vines of his estate of Nuestra Señora de la Esperanza on the outskirts of Jerez de la Frontera, stored the wines in his vineyard house and later sold them to one of the big exporting bodegas. He was, in fact, an Almacenista. In the 1940s, his son-in-law Don Emilio Lustau Ortega moved the bodega to the ancient Santiago district in the heart of the old city. There, in buildings which formed part of the historic Moorish walls of the city, he expanded the business slowly, still retaining his role as an Almacenista. From the 1950s onwards the firm became Emilio Lustau SA, and its size enabled it to join the select group of exporters of Sherry.

From the early 1980s, Emilio Lustau SA, now under the management of the late Rafael Balao, became one of the most creative companies in Jerez. Balao realised that Lustau's place had to be at the forefront of quality. His ideas, combining tradition with innovation, paved the way for Lustau to become, today, "The Definitive Quality Sherry House." A collection of Almacenista Sherries, drawing on rare and marvellous wines held by the stockholders, were chosen and offered to selected customers. These wines are some of the finest Sherries made. The Lustau Solera Reserva range of fine old Sherries was created, drawing on stocks of wines held by Lustau since its beginnings as an almacenista. The tradition of the East India Solera was revived, and other unique sherry styles developed, such as the single vintage Rich Oloroso.

In 1990, the fortunes of Emilio Lustau SA changed dramatically, when the famous El Puerto de Santa Maria Sherry and.spirits company of Luis Caballero SA, producer of Ponche Caballero, Spain's largest selling liqueur, took a major shareholding. This gave Emilio Lustau considerable and secure financial backing, and the chance to develop and expand. It also brought into the company 170 hectares of fine Albariza vineyard land at Montegilillo in the Jerez Superior region to the north of Jerez. Most importantly, in 2001, Luis Caballero financed the purchase and renovation of a complex of historic bodegas in the heart of Jerez that are now surely the most beautiful as well as the most well-adapted ageing cellars in the entire region.

Since 1988, Lustau have used their own individual bottle shape for all their wines. The elegant, dark bottle, with sloping shoulders is unique to the company, setting Lustau Sherries apart from others and reflecting the very special quality of these wines. The name Emilio Lustau has not only become synonymous with highest quality sherry, it has transcended the traditional sherry market to establish a whole new category of sophisticated drinking. Think 'Lustau' and one does not think of musty, sticky brown liquids in a previous generation's glassware. 'Lustau' is about super-fresh tapas and cutting-edge food and wine pairing. It is about complexity and harmony, elegance and balance, intensity and persistence. This is 21st century wine.

Robert Parker called the Emilio Lustau line "simply staggering in quality," and added "Sherries such as these remain among the last great unknown wine bargains of the world. They must be tasted to be believed!"
Please consult Lustau's web site for detailed information on these superb sherries : http://www.emilio-lustau.com.