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Antoine Jobard
Bourgogne Blanc
Meursault En La Barre
Meursault Les Tillets
Puligny Montrachet
Meursault Blagny 1er Cru
Meursault Poruzots 1er Cru
Meursault Genevrieres 1er Cru
Meursault Charmes 1er Cru
Size of the Vineyards
6 Ha total
Bourgogne Blanc:1 Ha
Meursault En la Barre: 1,50 Ha
Meursault les Tillets: 0,75 Ha
Puligny-Montrachet: 0,17 Ha
Meursault Blagny 1er Cru: 0,50 Ha
Meursault Poruzots 1er Cru: 0,80 Ha
Meursault Genevrières 1er Cru: 0,55 Ha
Meursault Charmes 1er Cru: 0,25 Ha
Location of the Vineyards
In the village of Meursault
Majority : Limestone
Grape Varieties
All wines : 100% Chardonnay
Average production
Around 30 000 bottles per year
Notes on the property
Antoine Jobard's domain, although modest in size - just 6 hectares - is well-known to Burgundy lovers as one of the premier sources of classic Meursault. The wines here are tight and mineral, expressing their power in length rather than breadth - unmistakably white Burgundy, not crypto- New World Chardonnay. Yet they open to reveal all the richness and complexity that has made the reputation of Meursault around the world. The elevage (ageing) is long, but new oak is used sparingly (just 15% on average) and batonnage hardly at all. The resulting wines can age beautifully, should you have the strength of will to resist opening them young !