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Claude et Bernard Greffier
Entre-Deux-Mers, Château Tertre de Launay
Size of the Vineyards
74 Hectares
Location of the Vineyards
In the commune of Soussac about 50 kilometres south east of Bordeaux in the Entre-Deux-Mers.
Clay and limestone
Grape Varieties
45 % Sémillon
35 % Sauvignon
20 % Muscadelle
Average age of the vines
30 years
Average production
Around 500 000 bottles per year are produced.
Vinification and ageing
Mechanical harvesting followed by swift transfer to the 'chai'. The free run juice is separated and the grapes pressed. The must is clarified by centrifuge. The temperature is then reduced to 8°C and the must left to macerate on the lees for 4 to 5 days in order to extract more aromas. The fermentation is launched at 18°C with specially selected yeasts, also designed to enhance the aromas. The wine is left on its yeasts for a month and then racked and prepared for bottling 3 months after the harvest.
Tasting notes
It is the high proportion of Muscadelle that makes Château Tertre de Launay so special. It is a difficult grape, often susceptible to grey rot. When perfectly ripe, the Muscadelle contributes complexity, finesse, bredth and its own special aromas to the wine.
Château Tertre de Launay is a full, rich, intense, dry white wine with tremendous fruit and great appeal. It is a delight to drink when young with shellfish, oysters and other seafood. It will age for up to three years
95 % of the wine is exported to the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, Japan, South-America and many other markets.
The Château Tertre de Launay and Château Plessis label is a Europvin exclusivity in world export markets.
Notes on the property
Soussac is considered one of the best villages for white wines in the Entre-Deux-Mers. Many of the best known Châteaux are located there. The Greffier family has been making wine in Soussac for well over 100 years. Only since 1976 has Château Tertre de Launay been bottled at the estate. Europvin has been associated with the property since then. In fact, after tasting a very acidic 1976 vintage, Christopher Cannan remembers taking samples of a number of other white wines to the château in order to help the Greffiers appreciate the style of wine required for the international market. Since then, the wine making has been going from strength to strength. For some time Château Tertre de Launay was available at Taillevent, the three star restaurant in Paris. It headed the wine list and was the only wine available at under 100 francs per bottle ! The estate has now passed into the hands of young Ludovic Greffier, representing the 5th generation of his family to make wine here.