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On 17 February 2015

Europvin Spanish Roadtrip…THE HIGHLIGHTS


Having changed the broken Kia for a smart new Ford Focus, we drove the wonderfully scenic N122 road from Aragon to Ribera del Duero. A long and slow drive, and some would no doubt ask why the autopista planned for this route was started but never finished. Of course the answer is because it would have trashed many of Spain’s best vineyards, including a large portion of Vega Sicilia. So we watched the view and didn’t grumble.

Arriving in Nava de Roa, we met with the Monteabellon gang, and caught up with their latest vintages. Everything was good, but a particular pleasure was the 2013 « 5 Meses », a breakthrough vintage for this cuvée. Winemaker Isaac Fernandez has really got the extraction and ageing regime matched now to the impressive fruit quality here, with all elements in harmony and balance to ensure a truly impressive wine for the price.

« Deep dark fruit, spicy, and fresh with lifted blue fruit top notes coming through. Tight but juicy on the attack, firm tannins nicely polished. Peaty black earth and tobacco complexity. Oak has a gentle sweetness on the finish, adding a a smoky character to balance the ripe black cherry fruit. Long and more-ish. »